To blog, or not to blog?

I just deleted all my blog posts.

When I first started this blog – I was eager to get out into the world, explore, and write about some of my findings.  Sort of…  staying healthy and active while traveling and exploring.

There are plenty of travel blogs in the world.  Plenty of people sharing their thoughts on any topic you can think of.  There are many reasons to blog – from wanting to improve your writing through practice, to expressing your opinions, to sharing your discoveries, to just plain old SEO reasons (ie: driving links towards your website.)

I’ve been downsizing a lot lately – going through my clothes and possessions more and more often, streamlining and making big decisions.  I believe that digital clutter can hold you back just as much as physical clutter (who doesn’t love a good unfriending/unfollow session now and again?), and I think some of what I’ve expressed here in the past is just that.  Clutter.

I’m just leaving this note as an explanation.  For now, I’m keeping the blog up – and I hope to find a better use for it soon.