How to make a gourmet vegetarian (or vegan) sandwich:

I find a lot of new vegetarians and vegans don’t realise they can still eat delicious sandwiches.  I’m here to tell you, you really don’t need lunch meats or sliced cheese to make an amazing sandwich.  In fact, if you have the fixings to make a salad..  you can make a good sandwich out of all the same things!  (Anybody got another word for sandwich?  My built-in thesaurus is only suggesting “light lunch.”)  I’m serious though.  Right down to the salad dressing, all that food is delicious wedged between two slices of bread.  Here’s are some great sandwich ideas:

The “at-home” Lunch:

Step one:  Buy the good bread at the grocery store.  I’m talking a nice dark rye (pre-sliced..  I suppose you could get it fresh but then I’m just tempted to dip it in spinach dip.)

I got myself some pumpernickel.

Step two:  sauce.  I put a very thin layer of mayo on my bread.  If you are vegan, I definitely recommend hummus instead.  I would have done both mayo and hummus, but there is no hummus in the house right now.  As I said earlier, a good salad dressing is great too!

Step three: veg.  Put a nice layer of baby spinach (if you don’t have a container of pre-washed and selected baby spinach in your house right now.. go get one!  You can toss these in sandwiches, stir frys, pasta, etc… Amazing and simple!), chop up a tomato and layer it in, slice some cucumber and put a layer of it, same with peppers, avocado if you like it (great protein and all good fats,) and I even had some artichoke hearts leftover from a pizza party to throw on.

Optional step four: close the sandwich and toast it up in the toaster oven.  (Or in the panini press, if you’re awesome like that.)


“The Subway”:

Man, I would love to share my favourite sub.  I usually order a veggie delight on Italian, and ask them to cut it the “old way.”  The old way is how Subway cut their subs in the 90’s, and I’m assuming before that as well.  I always say it tastes better, but I suppose to be accurate I will say it is more satisfying. Old Subway employees will usually know what you want when you ask for this – I had one woman tell me she wishes she could suggest the cut to customers ordering meatball subs (much less mess,) but she isn’t allowed to mention it unless asked for it specifically.  Unfortunately, Subway no longer trains their newer employees on how to make the cut.  I don’t feel confident in my abilities to teach this to you through text and pictures, but ask me some time in person and I will.  I love teaching a new Subway employee the cut, because I know they will know how to do it for future orders and I am doing my deed for the small community of folks who still prefer the old cut.

I always skip the cheese on this sub.  Usually, I will ask if I can have some of the breakfast egg- delicious and great for protein on a veggie sub.  In smaller towns, they don’t have a problem doing this, but in the city there are rules about serving egg after 11am.  ? ? ?  I know.  It’s because it’s a “breakfast sandwich” item.  Anyway, if you can score some egg after 11 – enjoy and be greatful!  (I’m not talking egg salad here.  I’m talking the baked egg circles.)  If you also managed to get it cut the old way, tell them they will need to cut the eggs in half for them to work with the old cut, because they won’t be folding over the same way.

Veggies:  Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, Cucumber . . . I’m sure everyone has their own veggie preferences so I won’t go into too much detail here.  Do what you want.  One time they even had some sliced carrot for me but I haven’t seen it again.

Sauce: I always do mayo and sub sauce.  I haven’t swayed from that in years…  it goes great with the egg.  Again, if vegan, skip the mayo.  I have heard the chipotle is also really good.

I usually do not toast my subway sandwiches.

Man, treat yourself to some white macadamia nut cookies.

The “Buffet Style”:

Staying at a resort or something with a regular buffet?  They have a panini press but only sliced meats and cheeses as options?  Let me help you out.  First, grab some of the bread they are using.  If it’s behind the counter, ask for it.  If they are being stingy, grab some bread from the other bread area… A roll or something maybe?

Go to the salad bar.  Choose a salad dressing and spread it out over one of the bread pieces.  Optional: A second dressing on the other piece.  Now, go around the salad bar and choose some delicious toppings to add in.  If things aren’t quite cut right for a sandwich- you can always grab a knife and pare it down.

Try going around and seeing what else there is to add.  There might be some guacamole or salsa in the taco area, or tofu in the stir fry section that would be perfect.

Be wary of the panini press!  I once made a delicious sandwich in this situation, only to have the panini machine press a piece of sliced meat into the top of my bread.  I was not impressed, and made a new one to eat fresh.  Fresh is always good.

I hope you feel you have some options now, especially if you didn’t before.  Sandwiches are amazing and I would hate for you to be missing out on them!

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  1. Completely agree that the old subway cutting style is multiple factors superior to the current style. We’re taking a road trip tomorrow and making sandwiches to go — mine will be tomato, hummus and arugula! so excited :D

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